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05/06/05 - Ashley Olsen picks out her new Range Rover in Hollywood, California

Source: Lime-Light - "Young actress Ashley Olsen's career kick-off at such a young age seem to be paying off as she picks out her new car, nothing else than a new Range Rover."

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<333 her bag
how do you get an account to view pics on lime-light? I don't get it. blech. :)
I registered when registration was opened.
Oh ok :)
hey is there any way you can give me a registration code for lime-light? I'd really appreciate it!
they disabled the registration, but they open it up every now and then.
Oh ok :D thanks!
I'm so sorry about this question and I really don't mean to be annoying. However (haha) I was wondering, when you register at lime-light they ask for a registration code...how do you get that?

P/S I think you are absolutely incredible for doing this, I LOVE IT, you're amazing. <3333 Why are MKA so SO SO GORGEOUS?!
You have to have someone who's already a member earn an invite code and give it to you. :)


11 years ago


virus warning !!

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uuuum hi. this is me shamelessly begging for a lime-light.org code so i can join. pleeeeeease? i am desperate.
now when someone want to join limelight, a member of limelight has to buy a code with her/his limecash (virtual money you earn by posting messages, and thanks to limecash you can buy avatars, glowing usernames, change your name, etc. ...) it cost 6000limecashes for someone to buy a code for a friend who want to register to limelight, and that's quite a lot!
So registration will still be hard even if open...
You've got to have a very good friend who is already a limelight member!
awwww man that sucks, thanks for the info though (:
can you use the same code twice? if so can i use someone code? :)
if a lot of peeps would use the same...
How much does Ashley look like she's floating in the last pic? Haha.
i love her bag.

i was just wondering,
do any of you know what mary-kate and ashley
are studying at university?? xx

anyone know when/if there will be "open registration" at limelight? does this mean you will not need a code?
How in the world do you join this group?
*waves* Hi there! I've only bumped into this community (I'm not an Olsen fan but I needed pretty girls for new icons and they definitely fit the bill! <3), and I wanted first to say that you're doing a splendid job, and second, I don't know whether someone has mentionned it before, but since I don't seem to be the only one getting little red crosses when trying to access the full-size pictures, I've found a nifty trick! (because unfortunately refreshing the page 200 times doesn't work).

If you really can't see the picture, just right click on the thumbnail and copy the link you'll find in the Properties. Then paste it in a new page, erase the "th." that's before the ".jpg" extension, and ta-daa!, you get the full-size picture. It takes a long time but it's still much better than being taunted by the thumbnails. Just thought I'd tell you so that others could benefit from it. ^_^
You are awesome. Thanks for sharing that!
*beams* You're most, most welcome! I'm just glad I figured that out!
Why did this community suddenly stop posting??? =/
fucking gorgeous.
yeah why111?!?!?